Maloney PTA Programs

Here is the list of Maloney PTA programs considered each for year:

 Program Name     Summary     Approx. Date     Organizer
PTA Reflections Art Program
A national PTA program for arts education.  For official info go to Artwork Due to Maloney PTA: Oct
 Malathy N.
Make a Difference Day

A national event that promotes facilities beautification one Saturday in October


Bulldog Boogie

A fun promotion of physical activity led by the PE teacher with PTA volunteers to help with equipment and motivation during PE classes.

Fall Festival/Spring Carnival
The Fall Festival/Spring Carnival is a late-afternoon/evening community event held around Halloween time (Fall) or Earth Day (Spring).  For the price of an entrance wristband, kids can play carnival games for prizes/candy.  We also usually have a basket raffle, craft table, or other ticket-based food/activities.

Proceeds from this event go towards our Classroom Supplies Reimbursement to every teacher and the smaller activities run by Maloney PTA (AR Store, Assemblies, Teacher Appreciation week items). We ask for candy and/or raffle prize donations.  Food and other concessions are sold. 

  Leesa P.

Family Movie Night
A community gathering where Maloney families can enjoy a movie in the multipurpose room.  The PTA obtains the license to legally show movies and does the organization/planning.  The PTA-purchased license also allows movies to be shown in classrooms during the school day.  Concessions are available for purchase to help defray partial costs associated with licensing.

Dates planned for 
Sept, Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb, March
Corby D.
Field Trip Grant/Educational Enhancement activities

Maloney PTA runs a Spell-a-thon (or Math-a-thon, as chairperson decides) to provide money to each grade level to make the per student cost of field trips more affordable for everyone. Alternatively, teachers may elect to bring in a special visitor related to the current curriculum of that grade level if no field trips are scheduled. Half of the funds raised go to the school's general fund to help defray the cost of software licensing for STMath (JiJi Math) for all students at the school.

January through March    

Treasurer, with Spell-a-thon chairperson (open)
Accelerated Reader Store

Supports the literacy program by offering toys and other items in exchange for Bulldog Bucks, earned by the students when they read and pass a computer-based quiz.

Yolanda T.
Music for Minors II
Maloney PTA can provide funding to bring this program to 3 Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade classrooms, but we need 3 parent docents to commit to training with Music for Minors and then teaching a class 1 hour each week in order to fund the program.Fall training of docents, teaching all school year  
Organize and pay for school-wide educational assemblies on themes requested by Maloney staff.  

 1 - 2 events likely
Classroom supplies
Reimbursement to each classroom teacher for up to a set amount for classroom supplies.

Eat out nights
 Organize school-wide Eat-out-nights at various restaurants, who then provide a portion of the proceeds to Maloney PTA.  This money is typically used to  pay for Reflections awards, Accelerated Reader store items, the Founder's Day performance or Facilities' purchases.
Schedule to be set in August
Spirit Wear
 Manage the purchase and sale of Maloney sweatshirts and t-shirts that can be worn on Spirit Wear Fridays.

 Teacher Appreciation Week Provides thank-you items to staff for  Maloney's teacher appreciation week.

 beginning of May 
Safety Fund /Facilities
 Maloney PTA purchases supplies/equipment needed in case of emergency and bigger projects to improve the school's physical environment, in consultation with the Principal.  

 2011-12: purchased and paid for installation of electronic sign outside of the school multipurpose room. 
 2012-13: provided funds for the purchase of US and California State flags for the front of the school, utility cart.
 2013-14: purchased new shelving for the disaster/emergency supplies shed to get items off of the container floor.
2014-15: purchased new leaf blower with extra battery packs, plus additional shelving for disaster shed
2015-16:  Maloney PTA organized and funded a large portion of the new educational garden.

dependent on specific purchase or project
Treasurer with Association approval
Founder's Day Spring Sing
 PTA-sponsored event in March-April to acknowledge the contribution of outstanding volunteers at Maloney School.  Awards are presented, students sing, cake and juice is served. 
February to April 

plus lots of help from the board
Passive Fundraising from local and online businesses
 The PTA manages business-based rebate programs that benefit Maloney elementary students when you shop at their stores. Accumulated money provides seed funding for spiritwear, yearbook production, and PTA operating expenses.

We are currently signed up with Amazon Smile, Benefit Mobile (multiple stores, including Safeway), Lucky/Foodmaxx/SaveMart (through and Raley's (through Something Extra/Extra Credit) programs.

Corby D.

Multicultural Day

 Maloney administraton and staff plan the Multicultural day single event, with support from the PTA.


We have other typically-run programs or events that are not on the calendar, largely because they do not have someone to organize them, so we do not currently have funds budgeted for them.  If you would like to take on one of the following projects, please let us know:

Grandparent's Day
Read Across America/ Dr. Seuss's birthday (assisting Student Council)
Equipment Donation/Library Liaison
Talent Show 
Teacher Experience Raffle event (usually at Open House)

Description of the coordinator/organizer positions that help Maloney PTA serve the students better:

Volunteer coordinator/Room Parent: 
Match volunteers to events or organize each classroom to find a "class parent" so we have a way to communicate with all families. This position is best filled by someone that likes to meet all kinds of people and can be at the school during the day.

Family Movie Night Organizer and Helpers (6-8pm, 5 Fridays over the school year): 
Any of the following help is appreciated:  help at the concession table; clean up help; help set up video/sound equipment; create/copy/distribute promotional flyers to school during the daytime. 

Eat Out Night Coordinator(s) (3-5 events, can do them individually):  
Contact restaurants that participate in fundraising programs to arrange an event.  Schedule around other school events. Promote event and distribute flyers to families via Thursday Folders. Follow up with restaurant to ensure donation makes it to the Treasurer.  Most is done by phone and online.

Spell-A-Thon Organizer: 
Most effort is limited to January-March and much of it can be done outside of school hours.  

Founder's Day Organizer (February-early April): 
Honor Maloney volunteers at the school's spring singing performance (Kindergarten and 3rd graders perform).  Most of the effort will be limited to late January-March and much of it can be done outside of school hours.

Talent Show Organizer (April-June): 
Hold auditions, rehearsals, and an evening talent show to showcase our student's talents.  Most of the effort will be limited to May, after school.

Open House Raffle Coordinator(s) (March-May), The "teacher experience" raffle: 
Students can enter to win an outing with a host teacher. These businesses (see list below) are already very school-donation-friendlywe need someone to contact and coordinate donations, activity dates, and teachers for the individual experiences.  Contact starts about 2 months prior to Open House, and events occur during the month after Open House.