Join Maloney PTA

We can't do it without YOU!

Membership dues:  $10 per person, with no restriction as to how many people within a family may join. There is no pre-defined time commitment when you become a member of the Maloney PTA.  You determine how much and when you want to volunteer or contribute to decision-making within the organization.  

How to join:  Please fill out a membership envelope, available in the Maloney school office, and return it to the Maloney office or your child's classroom teacher.  Cash or checks made out to "Maloney PTA" are acceptable for dues payment.  

Remember to include your email address on the form, and all of your children's names/teachers as we send monthly Maloney PTA updates via email and will return membership cards via classroom.  Each class has a competition for most joined members, so your membership will count for each of your children's classrooms! 

Benefits of PTA membership:  Joining PTA supports local, state, and national efforts to improve the education of children and the lives of families.  By becoming a PTA member, you join your light to others, which provides a greater shine for our students to see by.

    Benefits to the individual member
** Maloney PTA membership is a way to keep connected to the school.  PTA meetings provide an opportunity to meet with the Principal to find out what is going on in school, and a way to connect with other parents.

** Maloney PTA provides school-time, evening, and at-home volunteer opportunities for parents that want to be involved at their child's school but have limited schedules.  It can provide an opportunity to interact directly with Maloney staff on projects and programs that support our children, as well as volunteer opportunities that benefit the entire school.

** When you volunteer, you send a message to your student that their school is important, and what they do at school is important to you.  Volunteering for the whole school models good citizenship and altruism for your student in a way that they can directly understand.  If you are a volunteer leader, they observe you challenging yourself to learn new skills or adapt existing skills to a new challenge.

** Maloney PTA provides a way to bring your ideas to improve the school environment. If you have an opinion about what could be improved at Maloney, the PTA is your venue to put a solution in place!  

    Benefits to the Maloney community

** At the local level, your membership at Maloney provides a portion of the funding for Maloney-specific programs that benefit your child and his/her peers (see the list of these programs at the Maloney PTA Programs link).  An active and large Maloney PTA membership enables us to help the administration communicate with a wider number of parents, and a bigger parent volunteer network can undertake more and larger projects.   

Financial and/or volunteer support provided by Maloney PTA allows for classroom field trips, assemblies, community events (Fall Festival and Free Family Movie Night), the Reflections art program, emergency supplies in the case of disaster or school lock-down, Yearbook, rewards for Accelerated Reader achievement, teacher appreciation week organization, copyright licensing, classroom project/supply purchases, and larger school-improvement projects (playground landscaping,  electronic marquee, new picnic tables).  PTA continues to provide Maloney folders and 6th grade planners at no cost to students. 

** Our unit receives larger representation at the Council level when we have more members, which in turn provides leadership training and programmatic assistance for our volunteers at Maloney.  They help us comply with non-profit laws and retain our 501(c)(3) status with the government.  The non-profit tax designation helps us to partner with local businesses to bring more resources to Maloney.   

** At the state and national levels, your PTA membership collectively provides a voice on issues affecting young people and protecting children's rights, helping to ensure that a pro-education message is heard in government activities.  While businesses lobby government representatives to protect their interests, PTA lobbies government to protect children's educational interests.

For more information, please visit California State PTA's section on membership: