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Tom Maloney Elementary School
38700 Logan Drive
Fremont, CA 94536
school office:  510  797-4426
school fax:  510  797-1972

Maloney PTA Announcements:

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Be sure to join Maloney PTA in 2016-2017!!!   
ou can order memberships for 2016-17 via the online store (
credit card fee applies), or fill out and
 return a PTA membership form (available in the school office)  with your dues.

Upcoming events (see the calendar below for all events currently scheduled this year):

Maloney PTA Association meeting 

Tuesday February 14th, 3:05pm (after Kindergarten lets out at 3pm)

Maloney Multipurpose Room

Maloney PTA members, please come and hear about our PTA's financial status, help approve new bylaws, vote on the nominations for Founder's Day volunteer honorees, and learn about Winter/Spring events at Maloney and different volunteer opportunities!  

Maloney PTA free Family Movie Night

Friday February 24th, 6:30 pm
Maloney Multipurpose Room

Storks will be shown at our next Family movie night!  Seating is on the Multipurpose room floor, so bring a blanket, pillows, beanbag chairs, portable chairs, or anything else you need to be comfortable (higher profile chairs will be seated off to the side). This is not a drop-off event, make sure there is an adult attending that is responsible for your student(s).

Maloney School Annual Spell-a-thon

Quizzes taken in class: January 30 to February 3

Scores/Pledge sheets returned to students by February 16

Last day to turn in pledges with pledge sheets:  March 10

All proceeds that are raised by the Spell-a-thon and submitted by the due date will go directly to Maloney School.  Maloney PTA operates the pledge drive, providing volunteers that organize the word and pledge sheets, grade quizzes, and do all the pledge money accounting, then grants all money raised back to each grade level and the school (if it is turned in by the due date).  

Of the pledge money raised by students in a particular grade level, half will be returned to the grade level subaccounts (used for educational activities decided upon by classroom teachers -- field trips, special curriculum-related assemblies, materials for curriculum projects that wouldn't be done otherwise, etc.).  The other half of the pledge is returned to the school to pay for software licensing fees related to Accelerated Reader tests and the STMath program (which typically are paid for out of the school's general fund). 

Maloney School events

We NEED Help!  
Please consider helping out!
Please add your light to ours -- together we can shine  for Maloney students!
To bring fun and enriching programs to our students and their families, we need volunteers that can organize events and volunteers that can lend a hand at events.  We also rely on volunteers to lead our PTA and support the hard work of Maloney staff and students to find the resources they need to thrive.
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The position of Historian remains open and is available to be filled by members of the Maloney community at the November 15th Association meeting. If you would like more information, 
CA PTA job descriptions has summaries of PTA positions. Please contact us at information@maloneypta.org.

Lead or help at an event or program:

Spring Carnival (March-May) -- needs about 20 adult volunteers to be successful;

Spell-a-thon organizer or graders (Jan-March);

Founder's Day award organizer or cake servers (Feb-early April);

Teacher Appreciation week organizer and helpers (late April - early May); 
Accelerated Reader helpers (December and June); 

assistant money counters (ongoing); 

Talent show organizer and assistant (May); 

Are you a long-term family at Maloney that likes to take on "big vision" projects? Spearhead a facilities' improvement project similar to our garden creation at Make a Difference day in 2015-16 -- work with the school administration to create the scope of the project and plan for financing with the PTA board;

Or, be a volunteer docent at Maloney for external enrichment programs:  Music For Minors II, Fine Arts Mini Experience
(see programs page for descriptions of events/tasks)

Where does the money go; how much money is coming in? As a PTA we love to answer this question, but are not allowed to post meeting minutes and detailed financial reports publicly.  Please come to an association meeting to see how we raise and allocate funds to benefit the school!!   To better serve our community, 5 meetings alternate between after-school and evening times.  We are required to have at least 11 members at these meetings to decide on programs and disburse money.   

FUSD and Fremont-wide PTA news

Screenagers, a documentary about the increased use of electronic devices in our youth, will be showing at Irvington High School on Friday, March 10th.  More information is at www.screenagersmovie.com. Tickets for the IHS showing can be purchased at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fremont-unified-school-district-presents-screenagers-growing-up-in-the-digital-age-tickets-30149733665

Raise money for Maloney School at no extra cost to you.  

After March 31st, 2016, your SHARES card is no longer valid at Lucky's, FoodMaxx, or SaveMart!   The S.H.A.R.E.S. program has moved to eScrip and will use the phone number or loyalty card number that you register at www.escrip.com.  Please visit the eScrip website and register the phone number you use when grocery shopping to benefit Tom Maloney Elementary School (ID#140139007).  You can also register credit cards and purchase through the eScrip Online Mall to earn a percent of the purchase back to Maloney.  

Join Raley's online scrip program at www.Raleys.com!   Maloney PTA is a registered school with the Something Extra/Extra Credit program.  Sign up for Something Extra member rewards online, then enroll in Extra Credit and choose Maloney Elementary PTA
Raley's Extra Credit logo

Maloney PTA also is registered at Amazon's Smile program!  Start a shopping session from smile.amazon.com and search for Maloney Elementary PTA to select as your charity.

Thanks to all of our business/community partners for helping Maloney School become a stronger community and a better place to learn:

Make a Difference Day on October 24th, 2015!!  
A big THANK YOU!!!  to all the volunteers and donors.  We made quick work of the painting, hook installation, clean-up, and garden creation!! 

We thank Lowe's and BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems for providing discounts on materials.

 Funds needed for the decorative fence around the garden area and additional drainage work was donated by Water Heaters & More -- Thank you!! 

2015-16 Eat Out Hosts:
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Chuck E. Cheese
Sweet Tomatoes

The Fremont HUB's Cash 4 Class program has ended for 2015-16, and will not return in the 2016-17 year.  Maloney placed 3rd in the final year of this contest, providing a $1000 check to the school office for the school's general fund.  The HUB is changing their community donation program, and has announced a ticket-based Winter holiday experience that can benefit Maloney School.  Should our Association vote to participate in September, you will be hearing more about this program in the Fall.

Safeway no longer participates in eScrip as of August 1, 2015.  If you would like your grocery shopping to benefit Maloney students, please consider registering your phone number at www.escrip.com for rebates from Lucky's/FoodMaxx/SaveMart or sign up for Extra Credit at Raley's via www.raleys.com and their Something Extra discount program.

Take Charge for Education has been discontinued as of May 2016.  Target's Red Card-based annual donation to Maloney School has ended.  Thanks to all that participated to help Maloney School's technology needs over the years.  

Past Bulldog Club Honorees

 Year TOP DOGPrimary Intermediate 
 2016 - 2017Mrs. Alday?? ?? 
2015-2016 Mrs. AldayMrs. AldayMrs. Kennedy
2014-2015 Mrs. Rodriguez Mrs. Kennedy 
2013-2014  Mrs. AldayMr. Esguerra
 2012-2013Ms. Kao/Pounder/NeelyMr. Esguerra
2011-2012  Mrs. HarveyMrs. Kennedy